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Chairperson Messege

Dear Students,

Congratulations for your decision to pursue civil services as a career. Students, The civil services – IAS/IFS/IPS and other central services – have fuelled dreams among several generations of Indians. Senior bureaucrats and Indian bureaucracy have commanded respect and both within the country and abroad. No wonder why they are perceived as the steel frame of Indian governance.

Students, Civil services IAS, PCS does not merely offer you just another lucrative job for earning livelihood, it provides a great opportunity to realize your potentials, enjoy your assignments, have the satisfaction of serving the country, and eventually lead India.

In context to this, Civil Academy IAS PCS is imparting education for last 12 years to make you part of bureaucracy. Institute is nurturing leaders in every possible dimension and is including human values and ethics, this provide them an ability to make decisions for welfare of society. To fulfill aspirations and goals, in Civil Academy IAS PCS, each student is motivated to strive to achieve excellence in every endeavour by making substantial mprovements in students as well as curricular and pedagogical tools.

 Finally, a student under “Civil Academy IAS PCS will lack nothing in terms of support from the faculty, management and administrative staff. An aspirant studying in our classroom programme is sure to be knowledgeable, confident and fully equipped to deal with the real world and excel.

 So, students, I welcome you to Civil Academy IAS PCS, where your commitment and devotion will be integrated with our years of experience in guiding and navigating you to your goal successfully. 

"कोशिश करने वालों की कभी हर नहीं होती !
लहरों से डरकर नौका पार नहीं होती !!"