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What is The UPSC Preparation Strategy for Beginners?

UPSC Preparation Strategy for Beginners

What is The UPSC Preparation Strategy for Beginners?

Many students want to start the Preparation for the UPSC examination as a beginner with the dream of cracking the UPSC examination. For cracking the UPSC exam you need to set a strategy that can help you to crack the UPSC exam. If you are a beginner you need to set your deadline or study schedule. 

Are you also searching for a UPSC Preparation Strategy for beginners? If it is yes, you are at the right place in this article, we will share all details with you which can help you Schedule your study.

In this article we will tell you about the UPSC Preparation Strategy for Beginners, there can be different types of strategies that can be used by the other students but here we are going to tell you only those strategies which will help you to make focus on your study or as well as to crack the UPSC exam.

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Here is the UPSC Preparation Strategy for Beginners.

An overview of the UPSC Preparation Strategy for Beginners is listed below:

  1. First, Read the Syllabus Carefully.
  2. Make UPSC Notes
  3. Make Revision as a Habit
  4. How should you start UPSC Preparation?
  5. Read Newspaper Daily
  6. Reduce Using Phones 
  7. Set a Deadlines
  8. Keep Motivated

 As above you see these are the details which we are going to discuss in this article. So, let’s start here with the UPSC preparation strategy for beginners.

First, Read the Syllabus Carefully

Reading the syllabus is the first thing which you have to do. You need to read the syllabus carefully because you need to understand what you are going to study. In which portion do you need to focus more or what do you have to do first. 

If you know the UPSC Syllabus it could be beneficial for you to set your Study Schedule according to your time.

Many students face the same problems without knowing the syllabus they continue their studies and waste lots of time by studying those topics or chapters which are not coming into the exam.

Make UPSC Notes

Making notes is one the best thing which directly helps you to remember for a long time. Making notes is the best part of the study, you can easily revise all the topics before the exam easily and fast. 

It is good for you to make your own notes. You can use those notes at the time of revision before the exams or easier to understand, which can save you time a lot. You can also use other student notes but we suggest you make your own notes which is good for you to easier understanding.

When you use notes of someone other students it is difficult to understand sometimes because every student makes their notes for their easy understanding as same as we suggest you to make your own notes which are easier to understand as compared to the someone other students.

Make Revision as a Habit

Making Revision as a Habit is good for your Study, it can help you to clear your doubts or remember the topics that you have learned sometime back. 

When you do revision again and again it can be hard to lose the topics, make your timetable or you can set a day every week for the revision. By scheduling a day for revision, it can be a habit of your study or it can help you to find your doubt which directly connects with your better learning.

As you see many students have faced problems of remembering what they read or learned some time back, for those students who face these types of problems making revision habit is the best option.

How should you start UPSC Preparation?

Here is the UPSC Preparation Strategy for Beginners in several steps are listed below:

  1. Step 1: Join Civil Academy Online Classroom Program.
  2. Step 2: Prepare Notes based on Civil Academy Classes
  3. Step 3: Self-Study (Learn Civil Academy Notes)
  4. Step 4: Take Civil Academy Prelims Online Mock Exams.
  5. Step 5: Take Civil Academy Mains Mock Exams. Polish your answer writing skills.
  6. Step 6: Learn Optional Subject
  7. Step 7: Participate in Civil Academy Interview Program

Read Newspaper Daily

Preparing for the UPSC examination is not easy you need to do your best. Make a habit of reading a Newspaper daily till the interview stage, most of the question comes from the newspaper.

Reading newspaper keeps you up-to-date with the Current Affairs, and it also helps in shaping your personality and also boost your brain.

News not only helps in the exam, but even news also helps you to think differently and make your mind sharp.

Reduce Using Phones

Dreaming of cracking the UPSC examination is good but it is now easy because this examination is one of the toughest exams. For achieving your dream, you need to reduce your phone use consumption. 

Most of the time students were busy on the phone while they are studying which is not good for your dream. If you want to achieve your dream, try to reduce using your phone, even try more to study during that time you use your phone.

You need to change your lifestyle if you are dreaming of clearing UPSC Exam.

Set a Deadlines

Setting Deadlines is the best way to finish the UPSC syllabus in the time you set. It also helps to get out the maximum efforts towards your dream. Most of the students who cleared the UPSC exam said that this is the best way to complete your syllabus and is also beneficial in their preparation.

When you set a deadline, you are able to optimize your time, and it also helped to focus on your studies. You make a timetable for yourself and you see the difference in your lifestyle and in your studies.

Keep Motivated

The Preparation for UPSC is not easy sometime you will feel like quitting or giving up. You need to remember why you started the UPSC preparation. But rather than quitting or giving up, you have to try hard and keep going.

You need to accept the challenges give your 100% and keep growing towards your dream.

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