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Here are Do’s and Don’ts of UPSC Prelims

Here are Do’s and Don’ts of UPSC Prelims

Here are Do’s and Don’ts of UPSC Prelims

The UPSC Preliminary Examination cracking is almost upon us if you are searching for Do’s and Don’ts of UPSC Prelims? You are at the right place where you get all the do’s and don’ts of UPSC Prelims. 

Just like everyone knows UPSC Prelims is one of the toughest exams in the country, it can be a very nervous phase in the life of an UPSC aspirant.

Already you have invested many months in preparing for the exams. Sometimes you feel nervous thinking or maybe imagining the toughness of the exam, but you don’t have to worry here are some Do’s and Don’ts of UPSC Prelims.

Do’s and Don’ts of UPSC prelims

UPSC Prelims – Do’s

UPSC Prelims – Do’s 


There are some points of “Do’s” are listed below which can help you to get over your Stress:

  1. Revision
  2. Current Affairs
  3. Mock Test 
  4. Health

As you see the above points now let’s discuss how they can help you to make UPSC Prelims Strategies for cracking the exam and as well as reduce your nervousness.

Do Revision

Revision is very beneficial for every aspirant it helps to know your doubts, weak, and strong points which is very important to know and can help you to improve your Weak points. You can start revision 20-30 days before the Prelims exam. You must complete all preparation as soon as possible which can be your advantage you get more time to revise and more time to make your weak points strong.

Revision can help you to retain for a long time. It is beneficial for you if you revise more than one time before the exam it helps in faster recalling in the exam. You can revise all notes which you have made whatever the study material you have you can use for your revision.

Do Current Affairs

Current Affairs is one of the most important parts of the Prelims exam. Current affairs play a crucial role so you must revise your notes as much as possible, you can expect many questions in the exam with the proper revision you can make your success to your side.

Do Mock Tests

Mock tests are also very useful for your study, you can test your revision by attending Mock tests as much as possible in your revision period. It also helps to refine your memory and improves your recall efficiency. Also, you can put to your UPSC Prelims Strategy.

Do Health

Health is a part of your UPSC Prelims Strategy which you must take care seriously, if your health is not the best you can’t make focus on your study. Physically you must be strong which helps you to perform well in the exam. There are two May and June summer months, in these months you need to take extra cautions to keep up your health. You need to stay hydrated and eat healthy food that helps you stay active and fit on the day of the exam. A healthy body keeps your mind calm and fresh.

UPSC Prelims – Don’ts

There are some points of “Don’ts” are listed below:

  1. Underestimating Your Preparation
  2. Comparison
  3. Self-Doubt


As you see the above points now let’s discuss how they stop you from cracking the exam.

Don’t Underestimate Your Preparation

UPSC aspirants tend to underestimate their preparation. Students start thinking like ‘they have read all the topics?’, ‘they prepared well enough to clear the exam?’ these types of questioning to yourself stops you from cracking the exam, if you give your 100% for preparation of your exam then you are ready for the exam.


If you doubt yourself then there are chances you miss the topic, it creates pressure and fear that might affect your study as well as your exam.

Don’t Compare

Many Aspirants start comparing our self with other aspirants which directly affects their preparation for exams. Comparing the study material with other are reading, also starts comparing the marks that you scored in mock tests, other preparation strategies, and many more which only put pressure on you.


All aspirants must understand that each of you is different from other aspirants. Be in your capacity for study, doing hard work, grasping things, and skills.

Don’t Self-Doubt

Self-doubt is your biggest enemy of yourself. Even if you have prepared your 100% you will bring down your success because of self-doubt. You come so long in your journey to achieve your dream; you can achieve success in the exam if you only stay with a positive mind.


Be confident with yourself and stay away from negative thoughts, stay positive this can be your chance to crack the exam in a single attempt. 


Stay positive you came so far to achieve the dream of your life; self-doubt always gives a negative impact on your mental health. Give your best and put all your best efforts into your exam.


So, these are our Do’s and Don’ts of UPSC Prelims, hope these would be helpful for you.

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