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How to prepare for the Civil Services exam online

How to prepare for the Civil Services exam online

How to prepare for the Civil Services exam online

Do you have a passion for working in the government? You have come to the right site if you want to learn how to prepare for a civil service exam and learn more about specific exams.

Before discussing the civil service exams, let’s discuss what the civil service is and what opportunities are available. Are you looking for Online Marketing Course In Meerut

What is Civil Service?

The group of government employees that work in positions that are neither political nor juridical is known as the civil service. The word refers to individuals who are chosen and rewarded purely on qualifications and experience, which include exams, in the majority of countries.

Better income, employment stability, and greater job satisfaction all may be benefits of working for the government. Both people either with or without graduate degrees can seek jobs. On-the-job mentoring is frequently provided, which increases your efficiency at work and positions you to be recruited in the near future.

  • Indian Administrative Services(IAS) fall under one of the major five categories of civil services.
  • Foreign Services of India
  • Police services in India.
  • Native American
  • Revenue Services
  • Railway Traffic Services in India.

What precisely are Civil Service Stances?

Professionals who serve the public by working in the public sector, municipal, or national authorities are known as civil servants. The government has thousands of occupations where individuals are employed and also where you reside impacts the work opportunities.

These jobs could include:

  • Air traffic manager
  • Postal employee
  • Law enforcement official
  • Legislator
  • Human resources expert
  • Health care
  • Firefighter

Here are some of the requirements for enrolling yourself in Civil Service?

You must pass an exam in addition to fulfilling the prerequisites for the post you are enrolling for in order to work for the government. For instance, in addition to practicing medicine, a permit is issued if you are a doctor employed by the government. Additionally, you will need to undergo a background check in order to be eligible for any post as a federal servant.

Exams differ depending on the post that you enroll for. Although it costs nothing to take these tests, some require a $15 to $20 application fee. Exams come in three varieties: competitive, continuous, and those that are only for current government workers.

Examinations are conducted in competition for posts that sporadically become vacant. The top candidates are chosen out looking at their exam results. For positions that are always hiring, continuous exams are given. In this situation, the exam serves only to determine how well candidates fit the job requirements.

Existing government personnel who want to progress in their civil service careers can take the third type of exam. They are capable of competing with others based on their knowledge, training, and test results.

How to prepare for Civil Service Exam Online?

Given the extensive syllabus that must be mastered and the intense rivalry, the UPSC Exam is regarded as one of the hardest competitive tests in the nation, and it is recommended that preparation for all of this exam start a year earlier. 

About Nine lakh students sign up for the UPSC Exam each year, but only 10,000 or so of them move on to the next step, the UPSC Civil Services Mains Exam, after passing the Preliminary exam. Therefore, a well-organized preparation plan and successful execution of the same are essential to pass through the first stage and make it to the final list.

The majority of applicants who wish to become IAS officers sit for the exam without having any prior knowledge of the UPSC, its exam format, curriculum, requisite materials, or even where to start their preparation. 

Therefore, here in this section, we provide all the requirements for the UPSC Preparation for both the IAS qualifying rounds and UPSC Mains that will be beneficial for both beginners as well as those who have repeatedly tried more than once or twice in order to guide and help the IAS Aspirants to crack this toughest exam.

Online lessons are available for all UPSC and IAS aspirants who are dedicated to learning and passing the tests, as we know now that we are accustomed to the digital age.

  • Online lectures
  • Solve past question papers
  • Attendance at trial classes
  • Discussions that are interactive
  • Attend sessions for answering questions

The homepage of your state government offers civil service examinations for state and local positions. Numerous resources for test preparation are offered in textbooks and digitally. A verbal evaluation and supplementary job-specific certification may be necessary for some positions.

According to most agencies, a score of 70% is regarded as qualifying. You will either advance or not in the recruiting process depending on your rank. A recruiting supervisor from the department you applied to will get in touch with you after you receive your score.
The following competencies are tested on exams:

  • Understanding of the text
  • Aptitude for solving issues
  • Critical-thinking and reasoning abilities
  • Being able to follow simple math operations


What field of study is ideal for IAS?

Because they are relevant to the majority of the syllabus, bachelor’s degrees in history, economics, politics, and sociology are said to be the most suitable for UPSC.

What is the qualifying score for the UPSC interview?

In the UPSC interview, there is no required minimum score. Most of the time, the grades are given for the interview range from 40% to 80%. Applicants who do well in the interview but acquire a slightly lower score on the writing portion of the actual exam may still be included on the final list.

Does the UPSC consider graduation marks?

Since the CSE is concerned with determining these people, it is not important what grade they obtained in 10th grade, 12th grade, or when they graduated as long as they scored the minimum pass rate. Therefore, the UPSC does not concern about who you were at a given time.

What differentiates the civil service from the public service?

Conversely, public service is carried out by a public servant, a person selected by a member of the government to serve the public and carry out public tasks while Civil service is carried out by a civil servant, a bureaucrat recruited by the nation’s government who works for the public sector.

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