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How to Prepare for the IAS exam after 12th? – Civil Academy

How to Prepare for the IAS exam after 12th? – Civil Academy

How to Prepare for the IAS exam after 12th? – Civil Academy

Are you searching for How to Prepare for the IAS exam after 12th? If yes, then you are at the right place in this article you will find all the details for the IAS exam after 12th.

For this exam, the minimum qualification is graduation without graduation you can’t appear in this exam. You must have a degree from any recognized university to appear in the IAS exam. But it doesn’t mean you only start preparing after graduation no you are wrong you can start your preparation after the finishing of schooling. If you just finished your study and your ambition to crack the IAS exam on the first attempt, our advice is for you to start preparing as soon as possible. You don’t need to wait for a degree, you can start preparing after you finished your schooling.

Starting preparation for IAS(Indian Administrative Service) exam after 12th is the right decision for your dream to come true, if you start your preparation early your chances to crack the IAS exam increases and you can start your career early.

The IAS exam is divided into three parts (Prelims, Mains, and Personality Test). To become an IAS officer, you need to clear all three parts of this examination process.

Starting preparation early can be beneficial for you because the IAS exam is one of the toughest examinations in the country. In this article, you will get to know how to study, where you must focus, and what strategy you must follow.


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Here are How to Prepare for the IAS exam after 12th

Joining the civil services is the dream of many students, but every year aspirants are increasing year after year. For those students who have an IAS as a goal in their life, we suggest started preparing as just after completing schooling, with a graduation degree.


There can be two broad models for an aspirant to prepare for IAS after class 12th:


First, Regular Graduation from any recognized university.


Second, Distant Learning Program.           


There is the list for an aspirant to prepare for IAS exam after 12th is listed below:


  1. Develop Reading Habit
  2. Learn to make your own Opinion
  3. Develop Multi-dimensional Thinking
  4. Develop Writhing Skill
  5. NCERT
  6. Past Paper Questions
  7. Focus on your Communication Skill
  8. Participate in Extra-curricular Activities


Now let’s discuss the listed points in detail.

Develop Reading Habit

Reading is the most important part of the preparation for the IAS exam, read current affairs daily many questions come from the news. Having a good hands-on current affair is useful for every aspirant. You can develop a habit to read magazines, and newspapers on daily basis. No need to read everything from the first page to the last page, just read the main headlines.

Learn to make your own Opinion

Always try to give your own opinion no need to create any fake view. Your skills of forming your own opinion on the situation will be tested in an essay paper or as well an interview and your own opinion can’t be developed in one day or overnight it needs to be in practice to always first try to listen and give your opinion. It is very important that you should be able to express your opinion easily while writing or speaking in front of their person.

Develop Multi-dimensional Thinking

Pick up any situation or any issue which is currently trending in the news and try to analyse it in all dimensions. Remember that every issue has a social, institutional, political, environmental, cultural, and economic dimension. You must need to be able to analyse an issue from these dimensions. When you read a question next time your mind will automatically start creating multiple threads around it.

Develop Writing Skill

Develop your writing skill the second stage of CSE is the main exam which is subjective in nature where you must write subjective answers. In the main exam, one must write the answer within the limited words or in case the word limit is exceeded it will penalty in terms of negative marking. You must write an answer within the word limit and within the specified time. You need to make a habit of writing on different varieties of the topic which can be beneficial for you in the main exam.


Read the NCERTs books from class 6th to 12th. During graduation, you have much time to read NCERTs books many times. These books are very useful to make a strong base for most of the standard books are suggested for the strong base for the examination.

Past Paper Question

Previous papers are very useful they are the gem for the IAS preparation. Practice several Previous year’s question paper will help you to know the pattern or what types of questions comes in the exam. 

Focus on your Communication Skill

Communication skill is very important, and it needs time to build. It plays an important role during the IAS Interview, and it also reflects the confidence of aspirants. Having knowledge is not enough but having the skill to present your idea is important always try to focus on your communication skill which is very useful in an interview.

Participate in Extra-curricular Activities

UPSC always looking for aspirants who have a good personality with multi-skills. Like having a good intelligence quotient, Team spirit, good communication skills, Leadership Qualities, and many more. These skills can be in an aspirant if you participate in extracurricular activities such as Debate, Cultural activities, Sports, etc.

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