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Tips for Preparing for IAS Interview – Civil Academy

Tips for Preparing for IAS Interview – Civil Academy

Tips for Preparing for IAS Interview – Civil Academy

It is a Dream of every IAS Aspirant to Crack the IAS Interview, if you are searching for Tips for Preparing for an IAS Interview you are at the right place. In this article, you get many Tips for Preparing for IAS Interview.


IAS Interview is the final stage in the UPSC exam, every candidate needs to understand that the Interview carries 275 marks and the candidate’s performance in the interview decides the final merit.


This Discussion is conducted for more than half-hour; in this article, we will share with you many tips for preparing for IAS Interview that can help you to crack the interview.


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Here are the Tips for Preparing for IAS Interview

There is the list of Tips for Preparing for an IAS Interview is listed below:


  1. Start Early
  2. You must know your-self
  3. Make a Positive Attitude
  4. Be Confident
  5. Don’t Lie
  6. Focus on your Communication skills try to Improve
  7. Good Body Language
  8. Read your Biodata many times
  9. Prepare your hobbies
  10. Know about your District and State 
  11. Be updated with Current Affairs
  12. Dress neat and well
  13. In the end, Be Yourself


As above you see the list which can help you to crack the interview now let’s talk about them in detail.

So, let’s start with the first point of the tips list.

Start Early

Start preparation early it is very important not to lose time, and don’t wait for the result of the main exam. Start preparing as soon as possible which helps you to polish your personality.

You Must Know Your-Self

The problem with us is that we don’t know ourselves. Every human being has many skills inside. we know many things but when it comes to ourselves, we don’t know ourselves fully. You just must know if any of your personality traits do not suit you have to overcome that weakness which can help you to know about yourself.

Develop a Positive Attitude

You must develop a positive attitude it gives a good impact on the interview. Maybe you heard many rumours about the IAS interview. you only must make your mind calm and focus on what questions are asked by your interviewer and answer them politely. Everyone has a bad experience in their previous interview or life. You just must be yourself and show your positive attitude.

Be Confident

You don’t have to pretend, be yourself, and brief your opinions without any hesitation. Some questions might be tricky you need to answer them confidently and respectfully. If you don’t know the answer it’s better to reply, and politely say that you are not aware of the answer. Just feel relaxed you cannot know everything.

Don’t Lie

Don’t tell lies to impress your interviewer. Never write any fake facts in your biodata. 

Focus on your communication skills and always try to improve.

Focus on your communication skills which are very beneficial for the IAS interview. if you are searching for a word in a 25-30 min personality test you may run short of time or you unable to express your ideas. Listening news is one of the ways to focus on your communication skills. Try to talk with your friend in the medium which helps you in an interview.

Good Body Language

It is true first impression matters, and body language tells the truth. Your body language is the first thing that an interviewer will observe when you enter the interview room. Remember to avoid gestures that do not suit the occasion.


You must remember where you must work on your body posture, body language, and personal appearance as you are going to judge by the interviewer. During the interview maintain eye contact, keep yourself calm, listen patiently greet them well, and be attentive with good body posture.

Read your Biodata Many Times

Most of the questions in the interview will be based on your biodata. Many copies of the Detailed Application Form (DAF) will be shared with every board member. Revise your biodata many times and prepare well for the questions from areas like- your hobbies, education, work experience, etc.

Prepare your Hobbies

This is a very common question that was asked by the interviewer. Make sure you start well; hobbies always help the interviewer understand your personality. Remember to keep practicing your hobbies till last week before the interview.

Know About your District and State

Always know about your district and state, questions may be asked about them. Collect all details about your birthplace. Know the problems in your city or village and be prepared with their solutions as well.

Know Your District and State

Questions may be asked about the district and state. Collect details about your birthplace. Know the problems in your village or city. Be prepared with solutions as well.

Be Updated with Current Affairs

IAS interview is dynamic. The interviewer may ask you about the news that appeared last week in a newspaper or within a week so keep updated yourself. Always be aware of the latest current news economic development, government policies, social issues, elections, etc.


Remember you revise the current affairs of the past month before facing the final interview.

In the End Be Yourself

You don’t need to try to present a fake personality just be yourself and express your own opinion.

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