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In your view what will be the pros and cons of the move to increase the age of marriage for women to 21 years?

age of marriage for women to 21 years?
age of marriage for women to 21 years?
age of marriage for women to 21 years?

आपके विचार में हाल ही में महिलाओं के विवाह की न्यूनतम आयु में किये गये बदलाव के क्या सकारात्मक व नकारात्मक प्रभाव होगें?

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  1. Shagufta

    the gain
    👉🏻Older age for marriage was legally required because we have to break out of this perverted mindset that women are more mature than men of the same age.
    👉🏻Women and Child Welfare
    👉🏻Women Empowerment and Gender Equality
    👉🏻India has the highest age of marriages globally. This law will help in curbing the menace of child marriage.

    Arguments in opposition:
    👉🏻Child marriage law is difficult to implement.
    👉🏻Evidence suggests that when the law is used, it is mostly to punish young adults for self-arranged marriages.The law preventing child marriage is not implemented properly.
    👉🏻Lack of education is a big problem .
    👉🏻Change can be brought at the grassroots level not just by passing laws but by changing the mentality of the people.

    Student of CA Civil academy IAS / PCS institute Meerut

  2. Hritik sharma

    The marriage age at 18 was set in 1978
    Increasing the age for marriage of women to 21 year will be going to have certain positive points and negative points
    1. Womens will be able to get higher education through which they will be aware about their rights
    2. Through increasing the age of women for women Maternal mortality rate will slow down because there will be more chances of increasing in the nutritional level of women
    3. Through increasing the age of women for marriage infant mortality rate will slow down because it is directly connected with maternal Health
    4. Child marriages will have more reduced through such type of initiative
    5. It will also help to reduce poverty because women will be able to get employment because of their higher qualification
    1. Such type of initiative by government would push a larger proportion of the population into illegal marriage
    2. Some parts of society will not be ready to accept this because of their culture and religion

  3. Saumya bansal

    According to Prohibition of child marriage act ,2006 ,SC has increases the age of marriage for women from 18years to 21 years ..It will has both pros and cons .
    1.they could get opportunities for better and suffiently required education
    2.for better family planning girl should b mature enough
    3. It will help in controlling the population.
    4. Could feed her family in better way . will also reduce the divorse cases.
    1.Rape cases may increase
    2.crimilasation of large number of marriages
    3.Difficulity in fighting child marriages

    Now their is a need of awarness programs on massive scale to spread the awarness of increase in age of marriage and to encourage the social acceptace of new legislation .

  4. Chetan sharma

    Traditional Indian marriages are always celebrate like a festival in indian culture in which all the family members shares their happiness but in this they forget that the girl is happy with it? There are many circumstances in which a girl married and some of them are negative too. So according to me increasing age of marriage is quite right because it help in many areas:-
    1.Reduce Burden of marriage from girls :Most of the girls want to become and done something in their life but after graduation they have to get married because of family pressure.
    2.Many elight jobs are start their entrance from age of 21 so now girls have time to prepare for it without any resistance.
    3.There are many biological reasons also who concern about marriage in 18.
    4.It also increase the contribution of girls in indian economy.

    But there are negative effects also :-
    1. Swiftly Increment in child marriage in India which is in control now a days.
    2. Concern for girls will increase as india have male dominated society and rate of marriages is already low, this also increase the harassment cases against girls.
    3.Main problem is acceptance of society because we have tribal communities also.

    Overall if we conclude, the initiative is very good for the society and we have to appreciate it because if we give appropriate time to a boy for make their courier than this also our responsibility to give same opportunities and time to girl also , than india will become a “nation of equality”.

  5. Manish Kumar

    This is a very good decision of government to increase women merriage age because in women case when women become 18 year old family can start pressuring women for merriage after this decision women get some more time to focus on their carrier and family can stop pressuring women for merriage but if this decision have their some advantages and disadvantage
    – advantages is
    1 women get some more time focus on their carrier
    2- reduce pressure merriage on women
    3- women give contribution in economy
    4- they are eligible for better government job like upsc
    – negative is
    1- harassment case can be increased
    2- according to society thinking this decision can increase burden on family.
    Overall this decision is good for women and this government decision we appreciate this and this is responsibility of our family and society to give equal time to women and boys to make their carrier and stop makeing difference in male and female

  6. Isha Gautam

    “women’s age of marriage was increased from 15 to 18 years in 1978, by amending the erstwhile Sharda act of 1929. As India progresses further, opportunities open up for women to pursue higher education and careers”- This is what finance minster NIRMALA SITHARAMAN had said in the union budget for 2021-22. The union cabinet on December 15 stepped in with the decision to increase the legal age of marriage for women from 18 to 21 years. Interestingly, the decision has brought the age of marriage for both men and women at par.
    According to me it’s some pros are as follows:-
    1. A woman married at the age of 18, faces an unbearable pressure to conceive despite knowing it’s repercussions. According to WHO reports, adolescent mother face higher risks of maternal health Problems, disabilities and death, reinforcing Risking problems for their new borns as compared to women aged of 20 to 24 years.
    2. The immaturity and the lack of ability to deal with responsibilities at adolescence reflect badly on the mental health of a woman who is forced to run a family after getting married but this problem is not face with girl who enter in her adulthood.
    3. It brings more opportunities to women of the nation and mark a revolutionary decision to ensure their better status in society.
    4. Incomplete goals and dreams in life might lead to a clash and conflicts within the family further leading to low self-esteem and decreased confidence.

    According to me I don’t think that it has any negative points .
    Conclusion of this is as follows:
    Thus, the union cabinet’s decision to raise the legal age of women will ensure better health of women in India as they will not have to suffer the pain and complications caused due to adolescent pregnancies. With the law improved, a girl can attain education by the age of 21 that can boost her confidence. Ultimately, with the educational background and confident approach, women can independent and lead a happy and prosperous like altogether.

    • Srishty Tyagi

      “Marriage is a sacrament which implies respect, responsibilities, caring and growing together.”
      Therefore, the big decisions like marriage should be taken with maturity .Recently, the legal age for marriage for woman has been increased from 18 years to 21 years by amending the Prohibition of Child Marriage Act,2006 and other personal laws like Hindu Marriage Act, 1955 ,Special Marriage Act,1954 etc. As everything has it’s pros and cons , the same happens with this concept too.

      1) Women and child welfare.
      2) Abundance in goal oriented opportunities for women.
      3) Women Empowerment and gender parity.
      4) Decrease in family pressure related to marriage.
      5) Avoidance of early stage pregnancy to some extent.
      6) Reduced burden of carrying marriage
      responsibilities at early age.
      7) Strengthen the right to equality concept as of now both men and women legal age for marriage is identical.

      1) Difficulty in fighting child marriages.
      2) criminalisation of a large no.of marriages.
      3) Lack of education is a bigger problem as about 51% of young women in India are uneducated and about 47% with only primary education.
      4) Increased paper work as now certain amendments are required for various acts.

      Although, the step is the utmost requirement for the institutions like marriage. Some of the suggestions which will strengthen the process would be as follows:
      1) Boosting education among women.
      2) Mass awareness programs are required.
      3) Skills and business training among women.
      4) Inculcating the values of gender equality among the society.

  7. Vasu

    Marriage is always celebrating like a festival all relative are come together too bless the couples and shares the happiness. Marriage is playing a very crucial role in society because two different families are joining together.
    Recently the women marriage age was increased to 19 to 21 which is having both pros and cons are :-
    Pros :-
    1. The girls who want too study further but due too the parients pressure they have too do marriage after this rule atleast they can do something too which they can proof too their parients that they are also capable too do some thing.
    2. The quantity of working class women will increase which helps to improve economy.

    In my openion i don’t think their is any cons.

  8. Aditi Sharma

    Marriage is a responsibility, as well as a relationship of caring and growing together. It teaches an individual to care for not only himself or herself, but also for their partner and his or her family. So, for this big decision, an individual’s maturity is required, and other people’s personal decisions are also taken into account in order to take this step.

    The legal marriage age for women was recently raised from 18 to 21. by amending the Prohibition of Child Marriage Act of 2006 and other laws such as the Hindu Marriage Act of 1955 and the Special Marriage Act of 1955. which is having both pros and cons :

    1. Women of 18 years of age do not have the mature mindset to take on the responsibility of marriage; they are subjected to unfathomable pressures and problems in their lives.

    2.Adolescent mothers have a higher risk of maternal health problems, disabilities, and death than older women.

    Immaturity and a lack of responsibility in adolescence increase the risk of mental health problems for women who are forced to run a family, resulting in clashes and conflicts, whereas mature women have more stable mental health than them.

    4.This also provides more opportunities for women by increasing women’s empowerment and gender parity, as well as providing equality and strengthening the concept of the right to equality, since the legal age for men and women is the same.

    5.This will benefit women who want to study and live independently, as well as increase the number of working women, which will aid in the improvement and growth of the economy. As a result, it benefits not only the individual but also the nation.

    According to me, there are no negative implications, and the government’s decision will improve the health and well-being of women in India.

  9. Genius Chauhan

    The Prohibition of Child Marriage (Amendment) Bill, 2021, which seeks to raise the age of legal marriage for women from 18 to 21, will apply to all communities in the country and, once enacted, will supersede existing marriage and personal laws.
    It’s a great initiative towards Women Empowerment and Will play a huge role towards economy.
    * As our country is moving towards capitalism , this act will lead to Increase Literacy Rate in women and will Increase Women Employment in every sector of our country
    * We can take example of Bangladesh as it’s GDP is currently Boosting at a Good Rate and one of the reason is increasing participation of women in it’s Working Sector.
    * Mostly Women are forced to marry after class 12 or Age 18, But now they can pursue for Higher Education and Will have Opportunities for Earning like Men, it will result in Gender Equality.

  10. Nitin giri


    1.Economic Independence:

    Early marriage of women deprives them of proper education and job prospects and thus economic independence.

    2.Health issues:

    Study shows that women who get married early of age are likely to deal with unwanted pregnancie

    3.Domestic violence:

    Getting married early increases the risk of domestic violence. women who are less educated and married between 15 to 19 years of age are more likely to be victims of domestic violence compared to more educated women

    Maternal mortality rate decrease
    Infant mortality rate also decrease


    1.Child marriage rate increase .


    Girls belonging to poor families are more likely to get married at an early age.

  11. Shristy singh

    Recently union cabinet cleared a proposal to bring uniformity in the marriageable age of men and women
    * By amending the prohibition of child marriage act 2006 and other person law. Legal age of marriage of women will be raised 18 to 21 year and men will be raised by 23 .


    This law may release social pressure from women and men
    Women and child welfare
    Early age marriage and consequent early pregnancy also have impact on nutritional level of mother and their children
    By the age of 21 women may become self dependent .

    This law may create religion difference as islamic religion have different view on marriage act
    This law may become less effective because before this law 2 steps also taken on the child marriage and the result of that is :
    27 % in 2015-16 and 23% in 2019-20
    This law may increase girls child foeticide


    Government should compalsary girls education till the graduation and for this they have to build proper college and school specially in the rural areas
    Mass awareness project for girls education

    Improve the society by ethical values so that no girl face any social abusive problem . Etc

  12. Yamini Sharma

    Recently the Parliament sent the bill for raising the age of women for marriage to 21 years, to a standing committee for its recommendations. Thus, the proposal has certain pros and cons which can be as follows.
    Points in favour :-
    – Enrollment ratio in higher education would increase.
    – Would ensure gender equality as marriage age for both men and women would become 21 years.
    – Marrying at an age of 21 would ensure physical and mental health of women after marriage and would reduce maternal mortality rate.
    – Problem of malnutrition among females and infants would decline.
    Points against :-
    – Despite having child marriage prohibition act, dowry act, etc.for protecting women from such evil practices, they are still operational in the society then how can this bill do the needful?
    – This would even increase the child marriages in India in the name of punishment to the girl or inability of the family for her higher education etc.
    – Also, the law doesn’t talk about the legality of the marriage where women got married between 18-21 years of age till date.

    The intent of the law is good but should be implemented well in the society. We should firstly educate the girls about their rights and reproductive health, organise campaigns in rural areas more, proper policing is needed to check child marriages. Hence, steps should be taken at societal level as we must not forget that sati pratha was first banned in the society and then in the law.

  13. Nishank kumar

    According to me 🙂
    Recently The legal marriage age for women was raised 18 year to 21 year
    It is the very good initiative taking by government
    According to some previous phase
    Some not aware Families pressuring the girl to do marriage in early age
    That’s why girls are not focused on their career with continuity only because of early age marriage

    Here is some pros: or cons: also

    👉Those girls who want to focus on their career girls have time of space to do it
    👉Girl continued their studies
    👉 reducing families pressure for early age marriage are after knowing. This initiative
    👉It will help to girls take some more time to getting independent
    👉Girl are eligible for jobs , buisness and civil services according to their interest
    👉 raising the Contribution level in economic of girls
    👉This initiative reduce the divorce case bcz of at the time of marriage they both are at their mature age

    👉Or here is some cons:👈
    👉 Increasing the cases of harrassment
    👉criminalisation of a large no.of marriages.

    It is very great dicission
    Government should take some step like:-
    ✍️Starting some programs for families awareness to support the girl or boys both for achieving their aim or goals.
    ✍️ Take strict action against rape, harrassment, abused that’s types of criminal
    ✍️And take the strict action against who give (Dowry) and who received it
    (It help to stop dowry practice)


    The Cabinet has decided to raise the legal age of marriage for women from 18 to 21. This decision is based on the recommendation of a panel led by Jaya Jaitly.
    There is some pros and cons with regard to the change in consent age. some challenges are
    1. Women’s rights activists have opposed the suggestion and have cited evidence to show that such a move may be used to incarcerate young adults marrying without parents’ consent.
    2. This move would lead to criminalization of a large number of marriages that will take place once the law comes into effect.
    3. It will increase the paper work as many amendments took place in the previous acts
    4. Hike in rape cases can be seen.
    Despite all this challenges ,there is some pros too . some are mention below
    1. Despite laws mandating minimum age and criminalizing sexual intercourse with a minor, child marriages are very prevalent in the country.
    2.Early pregnancy is associated with increased child mortality rates and affects the health of the mother.
    3.Also, according to a study, children born to adolescent mothers (10-19 years) were 5 percentage points more likely to be stunted (shorter for their age) than those born to young adults (20-24 years).
    No doubt ,this step is the need of the hour . Addition of some suggestion will boost the initiative such as
    1 Gender sensitization programs should organize eventually.
    2 Awareness program should organize in school/college premises.
    3 Enhance education sector.

  15. Anuj Singh Yadav

    Marriage in India from ancient time is mixture of emotions, creativity, geography and many more . The concept of rise of age of marriage was mostly introduce in British era through Sharda Act 1929 but it was not came into a law due to rise of social issue by orthodox men and they not want another revolt like 1857 on the name of religion matter interfere.
    After independence age was done 18 of men and 15 of women and in 1978 it done 18 of women and 21 of men .
    In 2006 The child Marriage Restraint àct was amended and called Prohibition of child Marriage amendment Act.
    *Argument in favour
    * The Indian constitution guarantees prohibition of discrimination on the ground of sex and it seen as difference.
    * It will help bring down the incidence of teenage pregnancies, which are not only harmful for womens overall health but also result in more miscarriages and stillbirth.
    * Financial independence and women empowerment like completing their graduation, technical courses and skilled development.
    *Population control through providing gap
    *We not forget law to be effective 2 years from the date of the president assent.

    Reason of Malnutrition is poverty not early marriage

    Escalation in dowry demand increase pressure on Indian parents of early marriage of their child.

    Young women are scripting a change- voluntarily.

    #India is a signatory to the resolution adopted by United Nation General Assembly in 1989 which recommend 18 years as the minimum age
    And what about patriarchal mindset ” Betti Parayadhan”.
    India need these kind of reform because India have dream of $ 5 trillions economy and superpower of world without using full potential of it demographic dividend it is not possible.
    India need to ready for creating new example of Kalapana Chawla, Sarojini Naidu and many more we need this low.

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