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The Relevance of United Nations Organisation in Present Scenario.

The Relevance of United Nations Organisation in Present Scenario Civil-Academy-IAS/PCS-image-United-Nation

वर्तमान संदर्भ में संयुक्त राष्ट्र संघ की प्रासंगिकता।

The Relevance of United Nations Organisation in Present Scenario.

The Relevance of United Nations Organisation in Present Scenario Civil-Academy-IAS/PCS-image-United-Nation
The Relevance of United Nations Organisation in Present Scenario
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  1. Shristy singh

    The United Nation is an international organisations . And it found when the league of Nations failed and after World war 2 . It Concerned with global issues and having a objective of maintaining peace and security, protection of human rights, provide humanitarian aid found by 51 countries at San Francisco conference and officially came into existence on 24th October 1945 . At present there are 193 members of the United national but india was nat a part of it. Many organisations come under it like world health organization, food and agriculture organization etc
    Present scenario of United Nation organization are :
    * To attain the highest possible level of health for all. As world is suffering from pandemic covid 19. So WHO has responsibility for awareness of diseases.
    *To ensure worldwide economic growth especially for developing countries by given fund. So they can reduce they poverty rate
    *Ensuring nutrition and food security as Food and agriculture organization have this aim so they should move to specially in rural areas as we see lack of nutrition in human are face by this sector

    As it have agenda of peace and security in the world .so they should solve Afghanistan ( Taliban ) action as it is again the human rights

    United Nation organization is worldwide organization for good agendas . So ever country should cooperation with it like (Afghanistan , israil , Philistines.etc ) if such organisations not exist then we can not built harmony relationship as no country have any platform for discussing such agendas . They agenga is full ethical so everyone should support this organisation.

  2. Chetan sharma

    We know if anyone violate the rules and regulations of the country then our judiciary system take action against him/her but what about when a country start violating the rules?
    So that’s why United Nations (UN) was established in 1945 to give right judgment against rule breakers.
    It behaved like an international court of justice.
    Main function of UN is to :
    1. Promote human rights.
    2. Maintain peace and security in world.
    3. Promote economic and social development and stability.
    But in today’s scenario UN is criticise by every single body. In case of Afghanistan and Taliban UN doesn’t take any major action against “Taliban” Which violate every single rule of UN council. It violate human rights, womens reputation, life of innocents and more which can not measure.
    *Also there is a case of covid-19 aslo.
    Now question is why UN does not work property?
    There are many reasons:
    1. Power full countries work according to there wish.
    2. Chairman of different councils in UN focus of there counties not others.
    3.High politics are there in UN.
    4.Problem solving approach is poor.( no new innovating ideas) .
    From the above situations it is conclude that UN deos not tackle new upcoming problem because of old thinking and approach but it doesn’t means that that UN is not fit for us. It is the only world wide organization which is still moving from establishment. It has to improve there ideology to tackle new upcoming problems and we have to support it instead of Criticising.

  3. Tanu Chauhan

    UN is an international organisation having aims to maintain international peace and security between all the countries and to promote international cooperation in spheres economic, social, and cultural development.

    At present, UN is important for different issues arising in different countries .

    If we talk about the current burning issue i.e. Taliban and Afghanistan , UN have vital role as it aims to maintain peace and security all over the countries.

    As we see , Economic is also the biggest problem in india today . So , UNO also deals with economic issues aiming to reduce global poverty by providing loans to countries.

    Another current issue is COVID -19 pandemic . Agencies like WHO , UNDP, IMF plays important role in this type of situation but this time UNO somehow fails in dealing with it.

    Hence, No doubt, UN is relevant for present scenario . And About the failure of UNO in COVID pandemic , all we need to do is to reform it – to deal with the future crisis and bring prosperous and safe lives all over the countries.


    United Nations is a intergovernmental organization constituted in 1945 after second world war to save the mankind ,to develop friendly relations among the nations .
    Initially it was the outcome of war but now the era is changed ,there is no full fled war, but terrorist attacks , hunger ,outbreak of deadly disease, human trafficking, pedaling of narcotics, and rampant poverty in many parts of the world .To deal with this everchanging international scenario UN adopted multilateral approach.
    1 The commitment to the inclusion of women and youth, one of the key objectives of multilateralism
    2 It provides humanitarian relief operations in areas that are beyond the capacity
    3 Promoting sustainable development
    4 Maintaining peace and security
    To to curb multiple problems ,UN made specialized agencies
    A United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)
    B United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP)
    C United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF)
    D Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO)
    E World Health Organization (WHO)
    F International Monetary Fund (IMF)
    The United Nations is as relevant in the present time as it was at the point when it was established. It is the only organization to have universal membership. We do not want to live in a world where military capacity is the only way of protection against aggression .Rather than questioning the existence of the United Nations, the focus should be on the solution of international issues.

  5. Nishank kumar

    United Nations is the international biggest organization
    United Nations has the 193 country as a member including India since 30 October 1945
    Or United Nation founded in 1945 as a international organisations
    This organisation work on the countries having peace and better level of security as well as
    Or by chance any country are creating international level problem so this organisation should to immediate action on that country as soon as possible through the United Nation member committee meetings after discussion with organization having final decision to take action
    Example:- crises btw America & china
    Or india & pakistan or india & china
    Or current afghanista &Taliban having such types of bad problem like terrorism and international violence etc.
    This organisation working also on the
    Pandemics like COVID-19
    Organisation properly focus on all county having peace and giving better level of security
    Generally This organisation work on the like overall health of countries
    Org should take action against afganistan – Taliban matter

  6. Kartik singh

    The united nation as the name suggested by the Franklin D Roosevelt [then president of USA]is one of the largest international body that aims at uniting the nation through ad idem. It emerged as antithesis to the destruction casued by the second world war and the failure of child of war [League of Nations ]
    One of the main objectives as mentioned under article 1 of the United Nation charter is to promote is to promote international peace and security and it definitely emerged as a massiah of peace that stopped the happening of any other war.
    But now it has expended its dimensions not just to maintain peace but for the upliftment of the each section of the society which could be traced through universal declaration of human rights 1948.
    It’s different specialzed agencies are working towards achieving its objectives presently, being
    * WHO working towards the casuse of COVID -19.
    * FAO standardising the level of nutrition.
    * Working for the casue of protection of human rights
    * Raising funds through UNICEF for the protection of children in divastated areas
    * UNESCO – protecting thr nations culture by providing for the world’s heritage sites.
    * UNEP – working for the cause of the environment and making steps towards the achievements of SDGs.
    * The social and economic council of United Nation specifically tales steps towards the upliftment of the women.
    * IMF helping nation in improving their economic condition.

    Since its inception on 24 October 1945 UN in itself is growing and helping the nations to grow through different ways and providing for an international forum to adjudicate upon the international grievances and in very positive way stabilising its importance in the present society.

  7. Srishty Tyagi

    The UNO is an international organisation formed with the objective of maintaining peace and security, encouraging cooperation and harmony and building friendly relations among the nations. UNO is the outcome of failure of league of Nations after world war II .Presently, 193 members are the part of UN organisation.

    The UN works through its 6 principal organs:
    — general assembly
    — security council
    — trusteeship council
    — economic and social council
    — ICJ
    — the secretariat

    UN is as relevant in today’s scenario as it was earlier . The main purpose of the establishment of UN was:
    1) maintaining peace and security
    2) protection of human rights
    3) provide humanitarian aid
    4) uphold international law
    5) promoting sustainable development

    The UN along with its specialised agencies like:
    WHO etc.
    Have done noteworthy work in the growth and development of developed and developing countries. Although, optimum utilisation of the institution is still lacking, So, few alterations are needed but it doesn’t mean that it is irrelevant in today’s era.

    UN since it’s inception is actively working in this regard.Thus, UNO is relevant in present era too.

    • Kirti Dhiman

      UNO is as relevant in present time as it was at the time when it was established in 1945 (24 October , San Francisco, California, United States) after the Second World War by 51 countries.
      UNO is the only organization to have universal membership.
      75 years ago UNO was established with a motive to make the world better place for living than what the world was before the establishment of UNO.
      Who wants to live in a world where military capacity of a country is the only way of protection against other country’s aggression?No one wants to.
      That’s why nations around the globe needs an organization where international concerns can be discussed,which promotes harmony or peace around the world and thinks for the wellbeing of people.
      But still, there are many challenges in the world which need to be discussed or addressed like economic, social, gender inequality, poverty and many more challenges for the purpose of international cooperation which is indispensable.
      The UN since its inception is actively working in this regard for maintaining peace, ensuring development, and cooperation among nations and has devised various initiatives to prevent conflict. From many years arguments criticizing the ideology, policy, and administration are being raised. Rather than questioning the existence of the United Nations, the focus should be on the solution of international issues.

  8. Isha gautam

    The United nations is an intergovernmental organization aiming to maintain international peace and security, develop friendly relations among nations, achieve international cooperation, and be a centre for harmonizing the actions of nations. It is the world’s largest, and most familiar, international organisation.
    The United nations has made enormous positive contribution in maintaining international peace and security, promoting cooperation among states and international development. Today, people of the world still face the two major issues of peace and development.
    The main bodies of the United Nations are the general assembly, the security council, the economic and social council ,the trusteeship council ,the international court of justice and the UN secretariat .when the league of Nations failed and world war second ended, the organisation was formed . The United nation was originally founded by 51 countries at the San Francisco conference and officially came into existence on 24th October 1945. At present, there are 193 members of the United Nations.
    The UN works through its six principal organs-:🇺🇳
    # The general assembly
    # The security council
    # The trusteeship council
    # The economic and social council
    # The international court of justice
    # The secretariat
    In order to ensure that the principles of the UN charter are being followed each of these organs is vested with a specific role and responsibility that they adhere to.

  9. Yamini Sharma

    United Nations (UN) is an intergovernmental organisation which came into force in 1945 after the failure of the League of Nations due to outbreak of second world war. There are 6 principal organs and several other bodies and programmes under United Nations System which work towards global peace and security, protection of human rights, justice, etc.

    United Nations and its allies have undoubtedly contributed to betterment of the world since 1945. For instance,
    – UN general assembly raises and discusses the significant debates going on across the world and gives a platform to talk instead of war among nations.
    – The peacekeeping forces of UN have been helpful in maintaining international peace and security.
    – UN organisations like UNICEF, UNDP, WTO, UNEP, etc. are continuously contributing to a better world. For example, World Food Programme received 2020 nobel peace prize for providing food in different countries during the covid pandemic.

    But UN is also facing criticism for its relevance in today’s scenario which can be explained as follows :
    – Veto power of the permanent members of UNSC due to which long pending UNSC reforms have also not been passed yet.
    – No regional representation despite having 193 member countries of the world.
    – Changed world environment. Today’s conditions and problems are not same as of 1945 , so UN also has to be dynamic.

    Hence, being the world’s largest organisation uniting several nations together, UN cannot lose its relevance all at once though certain reforms are required to cope up with the newly emerged situations in the world.

  10. Manshika pundir

    United Nations is an international organisation formed in 1945 after world war 2 with the aim of preventing future wars . It formed after the failure of League of nation
    Objective of United Nation are
    1) Maintaining international peace and security.
    2) Protecting human rights
    3) Promote sustainable development
    4) Uphold international law
    At first United Nation organization had 51 states as members and now 193 states as members and almost all are sovereign state.
    Six main organs of United Nation organization are
    1) General assembly
    2) Security council
    3) Economic and social council
    4) Trusteeship council
    5) International law of justice
    6) UN secretariat
    With these organs and other organisations of UNO . United Nation has made enormous contribution in fulfilling its objective laid in its charter . Yet, today people of world still face the two major problem of peace and development. And this make United Nation organization still relevant
    UN still contribute through many ways like-
    1) ensure financial stability by providing loan to poor countries
    2) Encourage global trade and reduce poverty.
    3) Provide technical assistance to developing countries
    And most importantly UN provide the international platform to discuss and reaching argument of common understanding. So that dispute can be solved through dialogue only.
    And also dispute between different countries can be solved with common international law .

  11. Lipakshi

    After the second World War,there is a need to establish an organisation which can help to maintain peace and security World Wide ,so UNO is made for this purpose . United Nation Organisation (UNO) is an intergovernmental organisation established on 24 October, 1945 by 51 countries with the aim to prevent future wars , maintain international peace and security, protecting human rights, work on the world wide problems like illiteracy, poverty,etc.
    It’s achievements are
    1. To face the problems it has made some agencies like UNDP, UNEP, WHO, FAO, UNICEF, IMF.
    2. It have achieved Nobel Peace Price, Academy Award for best Documentry, Peabody Award for its effective work
    3. There is no third War after the second World War.
    4. In the beginning it has 51 member countries but now it have 193 member countries.
    Besides these achievements there are some failures also as follows
    1. It fails to take actions on the present issue of afghanistan which violates the peace and security in the world.
    2. It fails to take quick action at the right time in the case of pandmic Covid-19.
    3. It fails to take major action in the way of terrorism all over the world.
    4. Sri lanka civil war ,2009 ,Iraq war 2003, Palestine issue, etc .
    How it can overcome to these faliure
    1. By creating an effective strategy towards the terrorism.
    2.By replacing old ideas by new innovative ideas.
    3. It must help those countries which are facing problems with effective measures like afghanistan.
    4. It must take action towards poverty by encouraging loan to poor countries.
    Everything have some faliures and achievements but the thing is that we must learn with the failures.UNO is the only worldwide organisation which exist and continuously making efforts towards the problems. Only it has to update its facilities using the technology and get new ideas instead of old ones to tackle the future problems.

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