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Sociology Optional For UPSC

Sociology Optional For UPSC IAS ​

Sociology Optional For UPSC

Have you been confused about your decision about sociology being a good option for UPSC IAS?

Wait just Stop scrolling down and check out Civil Academy to clear your doubts.

Why Should I Choose The Civil Academy?

Civil Academy IAS / PCS Meerut Coaching Institute is one of the finest initiatives of Abhishek Sharma. Abhishek Sharma is a magnificent individualist who has always attempted to help and encourage kids who have the potential to acquire the skills for something that this great country needed; he sought to establish a wide range of students with a mission for the country’s economic growth.

Civil Academy’s Chairperson, Abhishek Sharma, and his team now have 15 years of educational expertise and have fostered and trained thousands of candidates. For both in-city and out-of-town students, we have the greatest technology suited for both online and offline lectures. As a result, education became considerably more accessible to all individuals.

What Is UPSC For IAS ?

The Indian government’s higher civil services, such as the Indian Administrative Service, Indian Foreign Service, and Indian Police Service, are hired through the Union Public Service Commission’s countrywide competitive Civil Services Examination (CSE).

The Civil Service Entrance Examination, or CSAT (Civil Services Aptitude Test), is also known as the UPSC Examination and is governed by three phases:

  • A preliminary examination with two objective-type papers (General Studies Paper I and General Studies Paper-II)
  • The main examination with nine conventional (essay) papers, two of which are qualifying and only seven marks are counted
  • A personality test (interview)

During the entire procedure, which takes about a year, a successful candidate will be allowed to sit for 32 hours of testing.

You have come to the right site if you’re looking for the greatest direction and most knowledgeable faculty for your civil exam preparation because the civil academy is the best coaching institute for the UPSC examination. If you put in a lot of effort with unshakeable determination, then our knowledgeable professors will support you in accomplishing your goals.

By offering coaching from knowledgeable and experienced faculty, Civil Academy serves as a career for UPSC aspirants.

Is sociology a useful IAS optional?

According to its precise and clear syllabus, clarity of understanding, and accessibility of quality resources, sociology is one of the most well-liked optional courses among UPSC applicants.

One of the optional subjects for the UPSC with the highest grades in sociology. Because of the significant boost given by their sociology optional marks, candidates have consistently found their names in the top division of the merit list.

With sociology as an option, many students have passed the UPSC civil services examination. In the UPSC mains test, it might earn 315 to 350 points.

For Civil Services, Sociology is Optional Principal Exam selecting a secondary examination optional subject

In the grand scheme of the Mains Examination, selecting an optional subject for the Mains Exam requires a candidate to make a smart choice. The ranking of the applicant is greatly influenced by the optional subject due to its significant weight (almost 30%: (500/1750)) in the Mains Examination.

With this in mind, a candidate is encouraged to carefully consider the following considerations and make an informed decision:

  • General enthusiasm for the topic.
  • Having access to professional advice to cover the syllabus on time (about 4-5 months).
  • Access to study resources.
  • The candidate’s degree of comfort.

Sociology's role in civil service examinations

With 10 chapters in each of the two examinations, the sociology syllabus is thoughtfully organized. The key topics in the curriculum can be loosely categorized as follows:

  • Field of sociology.
  • Significant trends in Sociological theory.
  • Sociological associations
  • Society’s concerns.
  • A societal transformation.

The syllabus’s Paper 2 on Indian Sociology covers both social issues and their remedies by the same general classification.

Here Are Some Of The Benefits Of Enrolling Yourself In The Civil Academy, Meerut

Civil Academy IAS PCS consistently achieved the top results in civil exams for every single government exam, which suggests that if you enlist yourself in Civil Academy IAS PSC Meerut for IAS PCS education, you will only receive benefits and information from it. 

They are the finest PCS, IAS tutoring Academy, and they guarantee you the best result, most cost-effective, and intelligent educational experience—two things that are essential for the outcomes that students seek from an IAS, PCS Coaching Institute.

Additionally, you receive three days of free offline trial classes at the Institute in CIVIL ACADEMY, which is easily accessible by public transportation for the convenience of all students, as well as seven days of free trial classes on the Web Mobile Civil Academy Mobile App, which is accessible on the Google Play Store.


List Of books for Sociology optional

Considering its concise syllabus, UPSC applicants prefer sociology as one of their optional subjects. This optional’s contents are also freely available. The recommended reading list for sociology is provided below:

  • References for Optional Paper 1 in Sociology:
  • Anthony Giddens’ Introduction to Sociology
  • George Ritzer’s Sociological Theory
  • Haralambos & Holborn Sociology Themes and Perspectives
  • John Scott’s Sociology Dictionary
  • Francis Abraham and John Henry Morgan’s Sociological Thought
  • OP Gauba’s An Introduction to Political Theory

Booklist for Sociology Optional Paper 2 :

  • Caste Its Twentieth Century Avatar by M N Srinivas Social Change in Modern India by M N Srinivas
  • Veena Das’s Handbook of Indian Sociology
  • Nadeem Hasnain’s Indian Society: Themes and Social Issues
  • Indian Tradition Modernized by Yogendra Singh
  • S.L. Doshi and P.C. Jain’s Rural Sociology
  • A.R Desai’s Social Background of Indian Nationalism

REMINDER: You are not required to read these works from beginning to end. Only the topics included in the curriculum should be read. To make learning easier and revising faster, you can write down brief notes.


Which institute is best for Sociology optional UPSC?

Civil Academy is one of the best institutes for UPSC with the finest teaching faculty and best results.

Is sociology a broad field?

Sociology is a fascinating subject that is very simple to comprehend. It features a manageable material that can be concluded in 4 months and is regarded as a safe option in terms of grades.

How do I begin optional sociology?

Read “Sociology: Themes and Perspectives” by Haralambos and Holborn to get started on your sociology preparation. Additionally, reading it will help you put theories into practice because it also includes case studies.


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